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Black Sheep Analog Flanger

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Black Sheep Analog Flanger
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The Black Sheep Analog Flanger is a compact, true bypass, robustly built pedal that clearly recreates the Flanger effect by splitting the audio signal in two and allowing you to change the amount of Flange with the three controls, Rate, Range and Color, as available. The pedal also offers two modes, Normal and Filter, so you can choose between a thick, dense and compact Flanger effect or a bold retro-filtered flange with just a button. With the right jet engine Flanger tone, you can elevate your sound texture to a new depth level.
This Flanger has the washing deep jet engine-like sound from top to bottom and delivers it clearly and effortlessly!
The pedal is completely silent in the pedalboard and when activated it does not detract from the pre-existing tone, but simply adds the classic flanger texture.

The Analog Flanger pedal delivers an exotic and spicy sound at an affordable price.
Effect Type - Flanger
True Bypass
Body - Aluminum
Power Supply - 9V DC
Power consumption - 13 mA
Dimensions - 50x90x37 mm