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BP-LEF-313 Black Sheep Analog Phaser Pedal

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BP-LEF-313 Black Sheep Analog Phaser Pedal
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The Black Sheep Analog Phaser is a compact, true bypass, and sturdy analog phaser pedal with electrifying phaser sounds in a small pedal at a reasonable price. It can both recreate the classic 70s sound, but also brings more modern sounds, and with just 1 setting it is accessible and easy for you to go from a classic to a modern sound, in one pedal!
The pedal can run on any standard Boss-type 9V DC power supply. With chassis-mounted DC input and durable aluminum housing, this pedal can be taken anywhere without any problems.
Effect Type - Phaser
True Bypass
Body - Aluminum
Power Supply - 9V DC
Power consumption - 6 mA
Dimensions - 50x90x37 mm