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Korg Minilogue-xd-pw Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

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Korg Minilogue-xd-pw Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

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Hot synthesizer with awesome design!
Minilogue xd is KORG’s newest polyphonic analog synthesizer and an absolute powerhouse musical instrument. Now, it’s available as a limited-edition model in an elegant pearl white color.

The limited edition pearl white color has a reflective finish, which changes color according to the light around it and the viewing angle. The top panel features a powder-coat to ensure high durability, especially when you’re playing out or on the road touring.

The minilogue xd PW combines stunning sound with a beautiful design that stands out on stage or in-studio.

An elegant and easy-to-read pearl white finish.

The minilogue xd PW features a "pearl white" finish created by a durable powder coating that feels great and is easy to read and use. The white panel sparkles according to the amount of light, and is paired with a solid oak back panel exclusive to this PW model, which makes for a huge presence n any stage.

Other than the color of the unit, the specifications are identical to those of the minilogue xd regular model.