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KORG NC-Q1-WH Smart Noice Cancelling DJ Headphones, White

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KORG NC-Q1-WH Smart Noice Cancelling DJ Headphones, White
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Unparalleled hearing protection and sound control; a new era in headphone monitoring.
With this unique blend of Noise cancelling technology and high-quality sound, the NC-Q1 is perfect for DJs, drummers, front of house engineers – anywhere that’s hard to tame sound levels.

- Outstanding Noise Cancelling and Sound Filtering

- Attenuation function for very noisy environments

- Smart monitoring with Sound enhancing (Volume/EQ control)

- Clear, precise High-resolution audio with wide frequency response

- Controls that are easy to access, intuitive and flexible

- Bluetooth, Siri/Google assistant, popular CODECs supported

- Hands-free calling with Clear audio and beamforming for clear voice pickup.

- Rechargeable battery; 36 hours of use on a single charge.